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Agriculture Section Manager

"Serving consumers and agriculture by safeguarding the public, plants, animals and the environment through education and regulation."
The Idaho State Department of Agriculture is currently recruiting for an Agriculture Section Manager in the Agriculture Inspections Division. This position manages the Fresh Fruits & Vegetable (FF&V) Inspection Service for the Blackfoot district where they inspect, grade and conduct audits on produce such as potatoes.  
  • Develop schedules and work plans. 
  • Select and train staff and evaluate performance.
  • Mediate grade interpretations and product quality disputes between shippers, growers, and district staff. 
  • Recommend and monitor resource allocations. 
  • Review processing contracts and maintain security on inspection certificates to prevent fraud and illegal shipments. 
  • Provide input into department procedures, rules, and regulations. 
  • Recommend contract inspection station upgrades in equipment, fixtures, and methods. 
  • Conduct on-site check of inspection activities to assure consistency and accuracy of grade interpretation and procedure.
  • Ensure adherence to BIQMS manual requirements.
  • Maintain BIQMS files.
  • Ensure employees adhere to department rules and regulations. 
  • Review and approve inspection certificates. 
  • Conduct inspections and issue USDA Phytosanitary certificates for product export.
  • Use PCIT to issue and track Phytosanitary certificates.
  • Research compliance criteria for Phytosanitary certificate issuance using PExD
  • Provide technical on-the-job training to district staff. 
  • Contact growers and shippers to ascertain harvest volume and potential crop condition and problems. 
  • Collect on overdue inspection invoices. 
  • Develop correspondence and district reports. 
  • Attend industry meetings to provide information on inspection process and grading procedures, standards, and requirements. 
  • Explain Federal and State inspection instructions, rules, and regulations to gain industry cooperation and achieve voluntary compliance of grading standards and quarantine requirements. 
  • Verify fairness and consistency in applying inspection standards, procedures, and requirements.
  • Carry out the responsibilities of an employee and manager as outlined in the department's Risk Management/Safety Policy.
  • Schedule and review Egg Inspections.
  • Support and emulate a Food Safety culture with staff.
  • Uphold and emulate I-SPI Core Values.
  • Adopt and implement the Business Plan for Blackfoot District.
  • A cell phone with an Idaho area code, furnished by the employee, is required for this position and is eligible for reimbursement under the Cell Phone Reimbursement policy. 

Minimum Qualification: This qualification is a mandatory requirement.
  • Good knowledge of management practices.

Specialty Areas: These qualifications are mandatory requirements.
  • Some knowledge of computer operations and word processing software.
  • Within two months of hire, becoming licensed and retaining a USDA SC-200 license. 
  • Within 18 months of hire, becoming endorsed and retaining a supervisor category on the USDA SC-200 license.
  • Some knowledge of the specific elements of agricultural product processing, transportation, storage or conditions affecting the product's grade, acceptability and quality. 
  • Experience working as a liaison, including communicating and negotiating with another organization.

Desirable Areas: These qualifications are not required; however, if you have the related background it may increase your score. 
  • Experience reviewing laws, regulations, policies and/or procedures for compliance or explaining to others how they apply to specific situations. 
  • Good knowledge of marketing order requirements, federal and state grades, standards and tolerances involving agriculture commodities management practices. 
  • Experience working within a produce industry. 
  • Experience as an inspector or grader and hold a current SC-200 licenses with an endorsement for supervisory work. 
  • Experience and understanding with the application of USDA commodity grade standards. 

Candidates who reach the final hiring stage will be required to participate in a criminal background check. Having a criminal record will not automatically eliminate applicants from consideration, but may be considered as part of the hiring process.
Thank you for your interest in the Department of Agriculture! 

If you have questions,
please contact us at: or at (208) 332-8520