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Special Education Teacher - Eagle Valley High School

Provides students, parents, and teachers with learning/teaching strategies and techniques that will enable students with special needs to be successful in a variety of educational settings. Through individual student assessment, collaboration, small group instruction, and consultation with regular education teachers, assists in the development of accommodations and modifications of curriculum, instruction, and environment increasing the probability of improvement in student performance. Supports instruction and assessment aligned with District learner outcomes, State content standards, and/or individual education plan goals. Maintains a positive inter-personal relationship with students, parents, staff, and community members and groups. 

RESPONSIBILITIES OF CLUSTER GROUPS: All teachers are members of cluster groups with the intention of growing professionally through teaming with colleagues and by participating in professional development activities and/or plan for their lessons, both collaboratively and independently. Teachers will support cluster groups through personal involvement, contributing to the professional growth of others and through their support of their school and District culture. 

SUPERVISED BY: School Principal/Assistant Principal/Special Education Coordinator


Direct Services:
1. Demonstrates high expectations and a belief that all children can and will learn.
2. Participates in cluster group meetings focusing on student learning and individual growth plans.
3. Participates in the development and enhancement of a school-wide culture that promotes professional growth and student learning.
4. Teaches approved District curriculum and/or life skills curriculum to meet individual education plan (IEP) goals.
5. Through individual student assessment and small group instruction, collaborates to develop accommodations and modifications of curriculum, instruction, and environment increasing the probability of improvement in student performance.
6. Uses appropriate, multiple measures of student achievement and performance to assess student progress in meeting individual education plan (IEP) goals.
7. Teaches assigned modified classes at the secondary level.
8. Places, schedules, monitors, and evaluates students who are placed in job situations at the high school level.
9. Promotes and maintains student behavior expectations conducive to learning and maximizing learning time.
10. Adapts instruction to meet the learning needs of all students thus increasing the probability of advancing their achievement.
11. Implements appropriate life skills programs at high school level.

12. Effectively evaluates, helps determine eligibility, and provides appropriate services to disabled students.
13. Maintains required and needed student special education records in an accurate, thorough, confidential, and timely manner.
14. Apply skills in observation, diagnosis, and data collection.
15. Analyzes behaviors and applies a variety of interventions that facilitate positive behavior changes.
16. Identify physical and emotional factors in the environment that impact student learning.
17. Actively participates in staffings and helps develop student IEPs.
18. Provide parents with written information regarding their child’s progress toward meeting IEP goals on a schedule similar to that of their regular education peers.

19. Collaborate with building/district staff members to develop a special education program that provides the least restrictive environment for disabled students through a full spectrum of educational services and that enables students to obtain reasonable educational benefit.
20. Effectively communicate the needs of disabled students and collaboratively problem-solves with parents, teachers, administrators, and others.
21. Train, schedule, monitor, and evaluate available paraprofessionals and other available human resources.
22. Through collaboration and consultation with regular education teachers, develops accommodations and modifications of curriculum, instruction, and adjustments in environment increasing the probability of improvement in student performance.
23. Maintain an ongoing program of professional growth that meets District requirements and expectations and personal professional goals.
24. Provide support and knowledge that inspires and encourages the professional growth of teachers at the cluster group meeting and school-wide as resources are utilized for the enhancement of student learning.
25. Assist in scheduling students into appropriate classes and/or programs.

Professional Responsibilities:
26. Ensure the accuracy, completeness, confidentiality, and security of all student information.
27. Contributes to the decisions made by the building/district on school student achievement goals, budget, facility allocation, curriculum revision, and extra-curricular activities.
28. Comply with school and District policies and procedures including meeting with assigned students at scheduled location and time.
29. Participate actively in the adopted District evaluation process, contributing to mutual agreement on the summative evaluation.
30. Maintain an ongoing program of professional growth that meets District expectations and personal professional goals.
31. Perform other duties as assigned.
Teacher of Affective Needs Program-Additional Requirements:
  • Consult with Special Education and General Education team to ensure successful inclusion for students with significant social-emotional needs.
  • Support instructional/behavioral model upon which the program is based.
  • Participate in the referral, assessment and programming of students with social emotional needs at the elementary level center based program.
  • Provide social emotional support for student inside and outside general education classroom, collaborate with School Psychologist, School Counselor and other Mental Health providers.
  • Create, implement and manage positive behavior plans at building level.
  • Provide professional learning on best practices for working with students with significant social emotional needs in the school setting.
  • Prepare and submit all required reports especially those pertaining to student progress and transitioning to least restrictive environment.
  • Supervise, oversee and support paraprofessional of Affective needs program.
Students, parents, support staff, administrative staff, and community members.