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Medical Assisting Teacher

Bingham Academy, a successful STEM and College/Career public, charter high school, is looking for a full time medical assisting / Career Technical Education (CTE) teacher. The position requires both state level CTE certification and the approval of the College of Eastern Idaho to teach the classes at the post-secondary level.

CTE - Medical Assisting Instructor

  • Have and maintain a current medical assisting license. 
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) certified instructor for high school education.
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support certified
  • Preferred American Heart Association Basic Life Support certified instructor.  
  • Align with the College of Eastern Idaho (CEI) Medical Assisting program to offer dual credit program on campus of Bingham Academy
  • Teach specified subject(s) in the medical assistant curriculum through both the state of Idaho and the College of Eastern Idaho for students’ comprehension.
  • Prepare lesson plans. 
  • This entails having a strong understanding of the topics to be taught, and preparing well for lectures. 
  • Go through the curriculum and make useful suggestions on possible ways to improve on them to foster effective learning. 
  • Prepare detailed lecture notes on each topic to be taught, in line with acceptable standards in the institution and deliver lectures in class with authority on the given topic. 
  • Carryout research on topics to identify various insights and angles in the medical assistant field, to make students versatile in discharging their duties on the job. 
  • Create room for interaction and students’ participation in class to x-ray different opinions on a given topic. 
  • Administer tests and assignments to students to assess their understanding of topics they have taken, as well as to measure the efficiency of the teaching methods adopted. 
  • Participate in meetings and trainings organized by industry associations to equip practitioners with latest trends and practices in the medical assistant field, and transfer acquired knowledge to students. 
  • Personally supervise academic activities of students to ensure they are doing well, and to put them through where they are experiencing difficulties
  • Promote the use of technology in teaching. 
  • Counsel students on their career choices, informing them of best opportunities and career paths to follow. 
  • Evaluate students’ performances and create effective means of rewarding excelling students, while encouraging those not doing so well, by working with them to improve their academic performances. 
  • Make reading materials and textbooks available to students to encourage personal learning and extensive reading.