Can anyone give any tips on what I should know before an interview at Philips? What are hiring managers/recruiters looking for?

Main qualities/experience to highlight would be based around a collaborative work environment. It’s important to have a specific skill or subject that you’re very good at (mechanical/electrical/software design), but the projects tend to be multidisciplinary so it is important to have a broad enou...
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What kind of questions should I ask a Philips recruiter at a career fair?

- What is your favorite thing about working for Philips (most folks at Philips have great personal stories to share about why they love this healthcare giant)? - What is the team environment like for your department (AMI and CT and manufacturing are all very different)? - What kind of skills are ...
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Does anyone know if Philips offers a mentorship program to its less experienced employees?

You will work directly with your boss so I would regard that as a mentorship (maybe?). It is beneficial and the boss will talked with you whenever you would like as long as he/she is free. It benefits a lot and helps you get your hands on your project.
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How would you describe the company culture at Philips'?

The culture is cool. A perfect work life balance is there. A lot of benefits are given and they vary with country. A lot of employee engagement activities are there. A great place to retire from.
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What does it take to be successful at Philips?

I worked as an intern in Philips Lighting Research. Hard to say what it takes to succeed. There are various projects and roles there. If you are interested in modeling related work you should know Machine Learning, Data Mining, Statistics,Programming and other related skills.
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Ways to best market myself in front of a Philips recruiter?

The best way would be to showcase your strengths like GPA, work experiences. Study about various products of Philips Healthcare like Ultra Sound, MRI, CathLab (Allura Xper). Philips’ biggest competitor is GE Healthcare, so if one knows about few of the strong qualities of one or two products of P...
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What does an Electrical Engineering Intern at Philips do?

For electrical engineers in Shanghai, they develop the Hue series product. Their jobs including driver designing, testing, connecting driver with software, debugging.
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Does anyone know how's the training for interns at Philips?

The first week or two was a bit slow, somewhat getting familiarized with the projects going on and deciding where you want to fit in. This part I liked because I was not told I was to work on a specific component of a specific project, instead I shadowed a few different people and we collectively...
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What does a Technical Specialist at Philips Healthcare do?

Technical Specialist is just a designation with responsibilities for a 4-5 year experience equivalent in an area. A fresher can be a Technical specialist in Philips in 2 promotions which typically takes 3-4 years. I would also say a Technical Specialist is a designation below Senior Technical Spe...
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If you've work at Philips as a collection specialist, could you tell me your favorite and least favorite parts of the job?

Philips is a unique company, the collection specialist job was not a typical job where you have to only call customers, I liked that there was a lot of research involved in resolving customers issues and the interaction with the different department of the organization. The company is very flexib...
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What does a hardware engineer at Philips do?

I was responsible for learning ISO quality standards for electrical and mechanical medical devices, designing methods to test products to those standards, and executing quality tests for various medical device products.
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What did you think about your co-op at Philips?

Co-ops are great because you have enough time to both be trained how to do a job and then independently carry it out (verses a shorter summer internship). The Physicist role in the AMI department was superb because it was a much smaller team, giving me the opportunity to have more responsibilitie...
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What's the day to day of a software eng intern at Philips?

Your daily routine will largely depend on what team you're placed on. I worked as a software developer on the Data-M and Recon teams and they offered somewhat varying experiences. Some things that they had in common was daily stand-up meetings (15-30 min) and weekly hour long meetings with a broa...
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Things I can do to receive a return offer from Philips after finishing my internship?

If you're hoping to turn your internship into full-time work, be visible to your managers and coworkers. Asking for help is a good way to bring attention to your work. Beware that it's not necessarily in your manager's hands if you get hired or not, but if they remember you well they're more like...
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As an employee, do you think Philips is a good place to kickstart a career, from the standpoint of an entry-level professional?

I would recommend Philips as a starting point for a career in the medical device industry. There are a lot of opportunities as Philips is moving towards being a health-tech focused company. They have a great work culture and innovative solutions are always encouraged and appreciated by the team a...
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What does a Verification Engineer at Philips do?

As a Verification Engineering Co-op at the Highland Heights location, my job consisted of running tests on the CT scanners to ensure that their software was up to date and functional. This procedure included running both automated test scripts through a remote connection, as well as manual tests ...
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What does a Research Intern do at Philips Healthcare?

I was lucky to have very specific experience in computer vision, which was a good fit for working on an experimental program with Philips. The program took XRay and ultrasound images to create 3D models of arteries, which surgeons could use to measure features in vivo and give themselves better a...
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