About Syngenta

We are a global company with headquarters in Switzerland and operations around the world. Our culture is diverse and inclusive, and our work is meaningful and rewarding.

From the moment a seed is planted through to harvest, crops need to be protected from weeds, insects and diseases as well as droughts and floods, heat and cold. As a world market leader in crop protection, we help farmers to counter these threats and ensure enough safe, nutritious, affordable food for all – while minimizing the use of land and other agricultural inputs.

Our Crop Protection and Seeds divisions are focused on providing leading innovations that bring value to our customers. We help farmers grow healthy and affordable food, provide commercial flower growers with wonderful garden blooms that brighten our world, and care for public health with our solutions for professional pest managers. From helping to feed the world sustainably, to keeping people safe, we work with a variety of professionals across the value chain to make people’s lives better. Our work really matters.


Embryo rescue lab tech

April 2021 - August 2021 Nampa, ID
“It was a sterile lab and required good technique”

HSE Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Greensboro, NC
“I truly loved the wonderful culture at Syngenta. Every single person I had the opportunity to work with during my internship was incredibly enthusiastic, curious, and driven. Further, at Syngenta, individuals recognize the importance of their work and its impact throughout the agricultural world. Therefore, it is not only the mindset of those that work at Syngenta that make the company's culture great, but their overarching mission as well. It was amazing to be a part of such a great community. ”
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