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What strategy should I take when approaching the interview process for a forestry technician position in the US Forest Service?

Be proactive. During a hiring event you will get a lot of calls around the same time from different jobs you applied for and this can be a bit overwhelming. So simplify it! Go in ahead of time and pick out a place you want to work or projects you want to work on and find a place that will offer y...
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Looking for information regarding the daily life of a forestry technician in the US Forest Service!

I work for a very specific 'part' of the Forest Service. It is unlike most other forest tech positions and largely unheard of. I work for what is called Enterprise outfit. Instead of working on a district and one National Forest permanently, I instead work from a virtual duty station which is my ...
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What's it like being a Forestry Technician at USDA Forest Service?

My crew was very small and in turn we got to do a lot of different things on the forest. Some places might just hire you to mark timber or cruise trees, but my job allowed me to do everything! Here is a list of things you may end up doing Cruising timber- 3P, fixed plot, variable plot Marking tim...
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How helpful is a forestry major for someone in a forestry technician role at the USDA Forest Service?

My major prepared me for my job as a Forestry Technician in many ways. One way in which it prepared me was through classes such as Forest Ecology and Silviculture. Taking these classes as an undergraduate student increased my knowledge of tree species and their role in forest succession and ecosy...
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Forestry Technician position at US Forest Service?

The interviews I've had were pretty straight forward. They just wanted to see what trail/backpacking experience I had. Certificates are good to bring up, such as a certified sawyer. One of my coworkers likes to provide stats (eg. 500 trees cut, 100 hours spent on a saw), which is effective becaus...
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What's a day in the life of a Forestry Technician at US Forest Service like?

I have worked two different types of jobs under the title of Forestry Technician (Wilderness/Trails). One is a Trail Crew Worker and the other a Wilderness Ranger.As a Trail Crew Worker I went out with my crew for 5 day hitches in the wilderness. Hitches are what we call our backpacking trips. We...
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